Like Someone in Love (2012)

like someone in love

Like Someone in Love is like a puzzle of identity, melancholy and intimacy. Tokyo student by day and call-girl by night, the story follows the main character before, during and after an encounter with a client. Long-cut scenes of confinement and stationary-captured dialogue define the storytelling and make the film dream-like as per artistic Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. Supporting characters swiftly enter and exit the plot’s flow with impact. Eroticism is a quiet undercurrent while the film serves more to establish simple human connection. Like Someone in Love is simply told along stunning visuals and alludes to more with no exaggeration.

Spoiler: The opening scene establishes tone and pace. The ending scene is abruptly fitting.


Another Earth (2011)

another earth

Another Earth is a independent drama with layers of self-discovery throughout, micro-human romance in the middle and science-fiction in the background. The drama complexes and parallels as Brit Marling, star and co-writer, puts on a captivating performance. Her character is changed by tragedy and conflicts to believe in a second chance all while a duplicate Earth stares down. Plot lines are similar to Doppelganger; gloom may be compared to Melancholia; all in all Another Earth is a better character drama than sci-fi flick as most mixed to positive reviews agree.

Drinking Buddies (2013)

drinking buddies

Drinking Buddies is stupidly smart and funny. Another wonderful Swanberg piece with improvised dialogue packs enough drama and romance to keep it out of the romcom category. The story basically slices into the middle of a friendship and unwraps a lot of low-strung drama and reactive emotion at it. The two friends work at a beer brewery in Chicago and are as the title suggests drinking buddies.  Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson have chemistry-filled performances, maybe it was the beer. They did in fact drink beer during filming as they also worked and filmed at the brewery. Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston round up the cast and provide great balance and tensions to the story. There is much immaturity and ambiguity which paints a very natural picture of friendship and relationships in general.