Like Someone in Love (2012)

like someone in love

Like Someone in Love is like a puzzle of identity, melancholy and intimacy. Tokyo student by day and call-girl by night, the story follows the main character before, during and after an encounter with a client. Long-cut scenes of confinement and stationary-captured dialogue define the storytelling and make the film dream-like as per artistic Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. Supporting characters swiftly enter and exit the plot’s flow with impact. Eroticism is a quiet undercurrent while the film serves more to establish simple human connection. Like Someone in Love is simply told along stunning visuals and alludes to more with no exaggeration.

Spoiler: The opening scene establishes tone and pace. The ending scene is abruptly fitting.


Movie Review: Rainbow Song (2006) – Japanese Movie

rainbow song cover

Rainbow Song, despite the nonchalant title, is quite melodramatic. It’s a tragic love story with subtle but eliciting melancholic undertones. This romance-drama is a bittersweet story about friends and lovers; or should I say friends who don’t become lovers. Rainbow Song is the perfect film for anyone who can withstand a young love tearjerker.

rainbow song 1

More on the “love” — it’s one of those stories about falling in love, blind love, not knowing what’s in front of you, uncovering your true feelings and so on. Nothing is wrong with being a little “sappy”, as this film proves to be convincing and relatable. The strongest connection to be made, for male or female viewers, is from Juri Ueno‘s honest and natural acting ability which is definitely a force throughout.

Directed by Naoto Kumazawa
Written by: Ami Sakurai // Aminosan
Produced by: Shunji Iwai (“All About Lily Chou Chou“)
Starring: Hayato Ichihara // Juri Ueno// Yu Aoi / more

Reviews: Love HK Film // Variety // Swifty Reviews // liljetjennie

aparoo’s words: drama, romance, melodrama, love story, young love, tragic, emotional, feelings, truth, personal, friendship

aparoo says 4/5

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Movie Review: Yo-Yo Girl Cop (2006) – Japanese Movie

yo yo girl cop poster

Yo-Yo Girl Cop is a live-action feature film that pays homage to the manga which it is based on, Sukeban Deka (1976-1982).  The franchise also fostered into a TV drama series (3 seasons), mini-anime series (2-50 minute episodes) and 2 other live-action films from the 80’s. Yuki Saito, from the TV series’ first season even makes a cameo. Yo-Yo Girl Cop even gained a parody movie, Yo-Yo Sexy Girl Cop.

yo yo girl cop 1

The film is a delinquent / high school fantasy cult favourite. The story is action-based, crime-oriented and entertaining throughout. Aya Matsuura plays Saki Asamiya, who goes undercover to a to solve a schoolgirl suicide / terrorism plot. Average viewers that can get over yo-yo as a weapon may find some enjoyment. In other words, if you can embrace the genre, the production-value will make sense and not be a concern to your “experience”.

“The series follows a delinquent schoolgirl who is taken in by the government and forced to fight crime to redeem herself. She is given the codename “Saki Asamiya” and a metal yo-yo that doubled as a badge and made to infiltrate high schools around Japan to investigate and stop criminal activities” (Wiki)

Directed by: Kenta Fukasaku

Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes

aparoo’s words: manga, live-action, action, crime, undercover, terrorism, fantasy

aparoo says 4/5, I wouldn’t mess with her yo-yo

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