Eve and the Fire Horse (2005) — English/Cantonese


Eve and the Fire Horse is a whimsical Canadian drama written and directed by Vancouver-based Julia Kwan. The film serves as a true melting pot of story telling as it uses imagination and honesty flawlessly. It explores faith from a child’s perspective and dives right into multiculturalism, religion, innocence and childhood.  The great thing is that anyone, from any religion or at any age, should be able to both understand and relate to the film.


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Dead Grass Fields (Poem)

Dead Grass Fields

Running across dead grass fields. Under the darkening grey skies. Clouds grow and clash in fashion. Rain pours to drench life away. Into flooded waters with no lifeboat. Land is changed and never the same again.

Surrounded by swift and uncanny chaos. In the middle of a sea of piranha. Laughed at by packs of hyena. Chalk outlines of where the fallen were. No flowers bloom at the graves in hell.

Washed away and left with dirty puddles. The lucky drowned in an instant. The stray grasped for breath; another life. Pulled out of depth by invisible ropes. Resting on ledge of resurrected hopes.

Rolling over if another side exists. A tall glass of milk without the milk. Spoons into empty bowls of pity and hunger. Survival brings forth no sign of rescue. No guarantee that rebirth is possible.

Out of ashes where the world burned away. The Earth was looted of its possessions. Used, abused and soon tossed away. Far too late in trying to recycle. Killers run free across dead grass fields.

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Damnation (Poem)


Slowly walking to perdition
Stoppage, abrupt, to rendition
Not the fields of tranquility
Straight towards instability
Approaching uncrossed lines
Wastelands without shrines

Along the forefront of fate
Remembering the last plate
Consciousness at its threshold
Amounted loss forever untold
One last push, the final stretch
No returning from this fetch

Surrounded by lesser noise
Unsteady, no intellectual poise
Unseen walls climb higher
Smokey skies from forest fire
Bathing tide permanently ashore
No power supplies to restore

Commotion directly ahead
Cancer, deadly and fast spread
Raging bulls can only retreat
The day ends, soul incomplete
Chasing the loss of those lost
Into damnation, spare no cost

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