A Brony Tale (2014)

a brony tale

A Brony Tale (documentary) highlights and explains the brony phenomenon around My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The children’s animated series is produced in Vancouver and is based on Hasbro’s iconic My Little Pony line. The show has a strong male adult fan base which the Canadian-American documentary, A Brony Tale, explores by capturing first-hand experiences and reactions. The film follows Ashleigh Ball, Canadian voice actor and lead singer of the indie-band Hey Ocean!, to BronyCon 2012. She voices several characters on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The documentary is mesmerizing as it gives onlookers an account of the phenomenon and scratches the surface of what it all means. Director Brent Hodge does well to document and complement Ashleigh Ball’s voice over career and the brony phenomenon seamlessly. The film contrasts with pop culture and mainstream entertainment as it opens the door to conversation about stereotypes, sexuality, gender roles. A Brony Tale is a great look at fandom in our modern society.


#fallcomedylineup (TV) — aparoo says

I’m only following 3 of the new comedy series this Fall: 2 Broke Girls, Whitney & New Girl (in my ranking order). Looks like chicks are funny. Out of all the new ones, I see some with potential and some bound for failure. Aside from the 3 that I’m already stuck on, I don’t plan to follow many of the others. Good luck new sitcoms.

Fall Comedy Preview (splitsider.com)
Staff Takes on the New Fall Shows (TV.com)

The Three That I’ve Seen


2 Broke Girls is funny and feels like a great chick-comedy. Its only receiving mediocre reviews but its by far my favourite new sitcom. I laugh at all the funny lines and jabs. The stereotypes and punch-line comedy works well. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs have great on-screen chemistry. Plus its co-created and produced by Whitney Cummings — who is also a star, executive producer and creator of Whitney, another new comedy that makes my tight list. Its probably one of the safest shows because its wedged in-between HIMYM & 2.5 Men on CBS.

Television Review (The LA Times)

Extended Preview

aparoo says 5/5


Whitney is a down-to-earth romantic-comedy starring Whitney Cummings (also creator and executive producer) — the show is based on her real-life, her comedy routines and is shot before a live studio audience. While her quirky character and comedic attempts at romanticism work for some the show is met with fairly poor reviews. It was picked up for a full-season so it will stick around on its Thursday night slot on NBC‘s comedy line-up though.

Extended Preview

aparoo says 5/5

new girl

New Girl isn’t as funny as I expected. BUT, Zooey Deschanel’s character, circumstances and impromptu singing works collectively. The show doesn’t rely on the in-your-face jokes and punch-lines (like 2 Broke Girls), instead it relies on a cute and dorky girl. And I’d say its working since it was picked up for the rest of its season by FOX. The supporting characters are kind of a fail for me, which is usually the case. Plus they lost Damon Wayans, Jr. because his other show Happy Endings got signed for another season (read more).

Most Exciting New Series — one of two comedy series to be honored on a short-list of eight

aparoo says 4/5

The Ones I Haven’t Watched & Don’t Intend to Watch & Think Won’t Survive

up all night
Up All Night
looks like a decent family/parental comedy series and was met with favorable reviews. The show had a lot of backing to it: originally picked up for its first 13 episodes and then picked up for a full-season. Also, it was created by a SNL writer and supported by NBC executives. And to top that all off, its got a pretty star-lit cast (Christina Applegate, Will Arnett & Maya Rudolph).

Promo Trailer

Extended Preview

aparoo says I guess I just don’t find babies that funny


Suburgatory is an American family/high-school sitcom with some narration (typical of youth/high-school sitcoms). I’m sure it has a good chance of surviving or even being a hit because its lodged in-between The Middle and Modern Family on ABC. This is probably the only one that I would watch, out of all the other ones that I haven’t bothered too. Two reasons why? Emma Stone doppleganger and Rex Lee!


Extended Preview

aparoo says if suburban-comedy Weeds isn’t picked up for season 8 I might give Suburgatory a try.

i hate my teenage daughter

I Hate My Teenage Daughter is set for a late-fall premiere on FOX and I’m sure it will gain traction from teen-girl and mom/family audiences. It reminds me of MTV’s Awkward. Good news: Jaime Pressly (My Name is Earl) is back on TV!

Premiere pushed to Nov 30/11


aparoo says I’m never having kids, just a lot of cats


Enlightened is HBO’s latest comedy series and stars Laura Dern (Jurasic Park) so it already sounds like a good show. Season 1 will have 10 episodes.


aparoo says I plan to watch this one for sure.

man up

Man Up! actually looks funny and could be a hit with the guys. Reminds me of Workaholics. & seems like a show that would be better suited on The Comedy Network but we’ll see what happens.

Preview (buddytv.com)


aparoo says all they need is Barney Stinson to cameo saying “suit up!”

last man standing

Last Man Standing is another family-comedy from ABC starring Tim Allen. Most people and reviews are skeptical, after-all this is a mimic of his 90’s hit sitcom Home Improvement in which he had all male kids, now its all female. I think ABC’s Tuesday comedy hour (Last Man Standing & Man Up!) is a 50-50 on making it or breaking it; both shows ride together or die together.


aparoo says lets see if the Tool Man & Santa Claus can pull-off another hit.

Apartment 23

Apartment 23 (previously called Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 — which I think sounds way better) is a new sitcom for ABC’s late-fall lineup. One of the stars is Krysten Ritter from Love Bites which was cancelled, I suspect the same for Apt23. Oh yeah, Dawson Leery is in the show too.


aparoo says they should have stuck with the original title

Free Agents

Free Agents is a workplace/romantic-comedy and yet another re-make of a British sitcom. Most people, myself included, would bet that its soon to be cancelled.

Promo Trailer

Extended Preview

aparoo says Michael Scott would have made it a hit

how to be a gentleman

How to be a Gentleman may have had the concept to make it the boy’s version of 2 Broke Girls… but no. The chemistry is not there, much less the comedy. No one I’ve heard from thinks its funny. Its premiered as CBS’s lowest rated sitcom and therefore I doubt it will be picked-up after its first 13 episode order. Sorry Johnny Drama, no “Victory!” here.

Television Review (The LA Times)


Extended Preview

aparoo says its beyond tough to land a hit immediately after another hit (Kevin Dillon in Entourage to How to be a Gentleman)

Never Too Old for Cartoons

Allen Gregory

Allen Gregory is an animated toss-up just like Bob’s Burgers was before it was finally renewed for a second season. This series is co-created by Jonah Hill, who is also set to be doing a Napoleon Dynamite animated series?? I don’t know if this can stick around on FOX, it would have fit in well on Teletoon though..


aparoo says Napoleon Dynamite animated series trailer looks better.. like a new Beavis & Butthead

In conclusion:

I watch & like: 2 Broke Girls, Whitney
I think will be hits: New Girl, Up all Night, I Hate My Teenage Daughter
I think may survive/stick around: Suburgatory, Enlightened
I think will die: How to be a Gentleman, Free Agents, Last Man Standing, Man Up!, Apartment 23
I think as a wildcard: Allen Gregory