Movie Review: Acid Factory (2009) – Bollywood Movie

acid factory poster

Acid Factory is a Bollywood action-thriller blockbuster. Sadly, the movie is another rip-off and big dud, it’s earned the nickname Flop Factory. The action is satisfactory, the thrills are cheap, the drama is overly acted, the crime plot is weak at best but strings along somehow.  It’s also over-the-top with visual effects and editing — tried too much for “stylish”.  I guess all that can balance out as hollow (non-substance) entertainment.

acid factory

It’s like a mild trapped & survive story with doses of memory loss and paranoia.  Trust and truth are put to test with clouded judgements. One thing I will give it (for better or worse), is that I felt like I was trapped in there with them and didn’t know who the hostages or kidnappers were either.  But, I didn’t entirely care.

Thankfully its not a complete replica of Saw, and aimed to be more of a psychological and dramatic thriller without the gore and torture. Think cat and mouse. Think blind cat and dead mouse.


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aparoo says 2/5 — pretty sure this is my first 2/5 on here

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