Femme Feature: House of Dawn Olivieri

dawn olivieri 3

Dawn Olivieri is a ruthless management consultant, aggressive ex-wife and questionable mother on House of Lies. Olivieri’s character, Monica Talbot, is an extremely conflicted woman and she plays it extremely well. She is also known for her other small screen roles on Heroes and The Vampire Diaries.

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dawn olivieri 5


Dawn Olivieri and cast of ‘House of Lies’ at the SHOTIME Premiere

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Femme Feature: The American Annet Mahendru


Annet Mahendru is the ultimate package. She knows karate and is fluent in 6 languages: German, Russian, English, Hindi, Farsi and French (bio). This Russian-Indian actress plays Nina, a Soviet mole, on FX’s hit fictional spy-drama ‘The Americans‘. Mahendru’s role got bumped up from recurring to series regular for the upcoming second season (January 2014).

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annet mahendru the americans

Annet Mahendru and ‘The Americans’ co-stars Noah Emmerich and Holly Taylor

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Femme Feature: The Delightful Dominique McElligott

Dominique McElligott 1

Dominique McElligott played the widowed Lily Bell in AMC’s original western series Hell on Wheels. Her character must find her own independence while trying to take on her late-husband’s surveyor work for the transcontinental railway project. Epic show; dynamic female role. This Dublin born TV and film actress has featured in independent movies including Moon with Sam Rockwell.

Dominique McElligott hell on wheels

Dominique McElligott and ‘Hell on Wheels’ co-star Anson Mount


Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannan and Dominique McElligott as Lilly Bell in AMC’s ‘Hell on Wheels’

dom e the guard

Sarah Greene and Dominique McElligott in ‘The Guard’ (2011)

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