Femme Feature: Song Hye-kyo 2

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I’ve been meaning to watch her in Hotelier (clips)– I liked the Japanese version with Ueto Aya. I would say she is most famous for the romantic-comedy, big K-drama hit and cult favourite Full House — it is a classic and you don’t know K-dramas if you haven’t seen it. Its one of the first dramas I watched/owned and its always fun to re-watch. A sequel was made but I haven’t heard much about it; much less seen it yet :S

Hotaru no Hikari (J-drama) starring Ayase Haruka reminds me a bit of Full House, with the whole house squatting / co-living in a house plot. Both are great romantic-comedies, and both girls are hot even as scrubs. Hotaru no Hikari (preview) also has 2 seasons.

OST video (spoiler)
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aparoo says I like singing her 3 Bears song:


Cain & Abel (K-drama) – Chae Jung-Ahn

cain and abel

Chae Jung-Ahn is from one of my favourite Korean dramas, Cain & Abel.  As the title suggests, the story is in biblical reference to Adam & Eve’s first two sons. The brothers are both doctors at the same hospital, administrated by their mother in lieu of sick father. The drama unfolds as we learn about one brother’s growing hatred for the other: father’s love, professional recognition and of course a woman. Chae plays that woman.

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This drama has a balance of love and hate; good and bad. There’s family drama, hospital politics and a love square all in the middle of the brotherly feud — to say the least. Watch it if you want a mix of action, love and drama.

Chae Jung Ahn 3
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aparoo says 5/5 & I’m glad I don’t have a brother

Femme Feature: Han Ji-hye

Han Ji-hye

Han Ji-hyeHan Ji-hye

Han Ji-hye

Han Ji-hye

East of Eden
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After reading the plot and previewing East of Eden, I really do want to start watching it sooner than later. It looks like a really good story and I’ve heard good reviews. Check out the theme song video below which shows a bunch of clips — drama!

east of eden poster

aparoo says damn its 56 episodes, guess I can’t watch it all in one sitting — or can I?