Happy Christmas (2014)

happy christmas

Happy Christmas was sad and I loved it. The dialogue was completely improvised as per writer, director and producer Joe Swanberg. No script must have been a catalyst for a peculiar cast to put on a magical performance. Anna Kendrick doesn’t just hold her own as she wraps the viewer up around her finger and lets the charming story revolve around her. The underlying sadness and overall gloomy tone of the film is present throughout; never in your face but never hiding. It is a personal journey kind of story towards that seemingly intangible thing called happiness, with roads often leading away. Along the way there are subtle but impacting moments of wit, banter, humor and drama. Happy Christmas is accomplished in creativity and storytelling. It does not reach heartwarming or coming-of-age status, as it is not meant to. Instead it boasts interpersonal relationships and the realness involved in them.


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