A Long Way Down (2014)

a long way down

A Long Way Down is a British dark comedy that sets up an intriguing plot of despair by banding together four lost souls at wit’s end. From there it is in fact a long way down and away from any deeper substance or real character exploration. So don’t expect a big morality discussion on suicide, a PSA about mental health, a unique perspective on depression or any Eat, Pray, Love moments. Yet the characters, despite lack luster portrayals, did succeed in drawing a connection in. This was probably due to a cast of quirky performances: Pierce Bronsan led the somber helm; Toni Collette had endearing moments; Imogen Poots’ character stole the show for better or worse; Aaron Paul felt a bit misplaced. Supporting roles by Rosamund Pike and Sam Neill were miniscule in the grand scheme but spot-on enough that they kept the film going. The novel that it is based on is probably not so discombobulating. Nonetheless, it is a tad heartwarming, sentimental and grim all in one.


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