Hell on Wheels (AMC) — Season 3 Preview

hell on wheels

Hell on Wheels has faced a lot of hell. There was a period of limbo as a search for a new show runner took place, resulting in the arrival of John Wirth (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:). More recently the show has been dealing with flooded sets after the Calgary floods. Another change to the show is it’s move to Saturdays into a line-up of western-themed programming, marking AMC’s third night of original content. Usually, as with big networks, a move to Fridays or Saturdays means the end is imminent but that should not be the case here as rating averages have held and there is a favourable following behind the show. It also still holds AMC’s second highest series premiere ranking, behind The Walking Dead. Plus, Saturdays now have to the potential to become the most popular night in TV to many. So, Hell on Wheels chugs along with the promise that it has a lot more to give and a lot more rail to lay.

hell on wheels Jennifer Ferrin

Jennifer Ferrin joins the season 3 cast of Hell on Wheels

Season 3 Trailer

Where Season 2 Left Off

A Look at Season 3: Inside Hell on Wheels



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