Again, and again. Second to my own story. Last in any race. First to give up. The towel is on standby. Ready to throw in. Unwritten outcomes already assumed. Preemptive appeasement. Precautionary tales.

Last notes folded in a pocket. Paper weighs. Paper weights. Paper rocks. Canvas to unfinished thoughts. Fallen overboard and drifting. Soon sinking. Eventually lost. No search and rescue. No attempt. Fatal. Fateful. Fallen.

Diagrams erased. Chalk boards smeared. Answers far from attainment. No easy way around it. No direct path. Unsolved equations. Too many variables. Change is constant. Afternoon stumbles out. Drunk from before. Nothing left to drink.

Thirst goes unquenched. Wishful thinking takes flight. Composition flies overhead. Understanding straight over the head. Above the pay grade. Belittled by lesser. No sleep on the weekend. The day never ends. Riding with no exit. Unbuckled. Splashed by the oncoming. No sound.

Throat tightened up. Insides twisted over. Like a garden hose. Congested. Impeding. Traffic. No panic on the phone. Called all the same. Time for a game. Swim or drown. Bottoms are closer than expected. Circumstance is the same. No blame. Pawns are uncontrolled.

Batteries run out. No juice in the fridge. Empty. Free refills. Keep it all. The pot grows. More eyes look. Snatches go unseen. Juries make justice. Fitting punishment. The rest are protected. Degrees of severity. Measuring devices. Quick analysis. Founded conclusions. Fact or fiction. A piece of paper. Again, and again with my name on it.


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