Zombieland (Amazon) – Pilot


“Four survivors are killin’ zombies and searching for a place to call home.
At least they have each other.” (IMDb)

The sequel to the hit adventure-horror-comedy Zombieland (2009) probably isn’t happening, especially with no script. But turn to the small screen and Amazon’s array of new original content and we have a pilot for the Zombieland television series. If picked up this year we’ll see a 13-episode season on the world of Zombieland. Comparing the pilot’s continued plot and re-casted roles (rather than a recreated world and new characters) is sure to split the fandom. But once the laughs and gore gets going everyone should be happy.


Zombieland Writers on Their Amazon Pilot and Zombie Rules (IGN)

Watch Amazon’s Zombieland pilot on Amazon Instant Video or LoveFilm.

Hello Wichita (Maiara Walsh). Now I don’t miss Emma Stone as much.


Photo credit: Amazon, Google



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