A Mad Man (Poem)

A Mad Man

Aware yet still unaccepted. Apprehensive for what change might bring. A reality too harsh? And too afraid of the unknown. An uncertain coward slowly emerges. Abandoned ships are further lost out at sea. Abashed from unfortunate failure. Assurance would require some degree of confidence. Annihilation appears imminent. Appearance is everything.

Area may seem independent but really they lie. Armies conquer them one by one. Amass by the king as one whole. Arrival of differences. Articulate clearly. Artificial will not be tolerated. Actions put words to the test. Awaken a warrior. Axe in his hand. Awful things to come.

Authority is powerless when the weight shifts. Anarchy raises a flag and marks a new beginning. Atonement is an option. Attempts at making peace. Attraction points to being selfish. Astronauts are pulled down. Asthma attacks. Assorted snacks are available. Associates are useless. Assist only yourself.

Appeasement is history’s biggest lesson. Assemble at once. Assimilate or die. Ashes pile up. Art is forgotten. Artillery is now a toy. Arson is a pastime. Arrows point at chaos. Arithmetic makes sense. A mad man once stood.

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com


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