Damnation (Poem)


Slowly walking to perdition
Stoppage, abrupt, to rendition
Not the fields of tranquility
Straight towards instability
Approaching uncrossed lines
Wastelands without shrines

Along the forefront of fate
Remembering the last plate
Consciousness at its threshold
Amounted loss forever untold
One last push, the final stretch
No returning from this fetch

Surrounded by lesser noise
Unsteady, no intellectual poise
Unseen walls climb higher
Smokey skies from forest fire
Bathing tide permanently ashore
No power supplies to restore

Commotion directly ahead
Cancer, deadly and fast spread
Raging bulls can only retreat
The day ends, soul incomplete
Chasing the loss of those lost
Into damnation, spare no cost

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com


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