Unrealized Realization (Poem)

Unrealized Realization

Digging deeper into the melatonin supply
No longer a slave to the question “Why?”
Awake for so long that time stops counting
Witness to the transformation of night

Dusk and dawn play hide-and-seek
Today is no longer what it may seem
Yesterday shadows remain forgotten
Now and then blend into the same pot

A depleted-will hinders the next move
Instincts wither and adopt a different groove
Cry, again in frustration without a tear
Head full of noise bound around inside

An inner chaos self-perpetuates more
Escape feels futile behind a locked door
Passion may be lost without a love song
Esteem tanks have been running on empty

Even fingers doubt their own sense of feel
Peace of mind, so unheard of such that is.

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com


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