Femme Feature: Ivana Milicevic gets naked

Ivana Milicevic 3

Three and a half weeks after the original series premiere of Banshee, Cinemax renewed it’s star show for a second season. It seems as Cinemax’s attempt to expand it’s original programming is succeeding. This must have some part to do with Ivana Milicevic being nude every episode. She’s a bombshell. Her career includes countless guest spots and recurring roles on TV series like Charmed, Chuck, Hawaii 5-0 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’s might also be recognized as a Bond Girl in Casino Royale (2008) as Valenka. Now she stars in Banshee on Cinemax as a conflicted woman who lives in the small town under an alias to escape her past life of crime (and love).

Banshee-Ivana-Milicevic Ivana Milicevic 1 Ivana Milicevic 2 Ivana-Milicevic-banshee

Ivana Milicevic filmography
Banshee info
Banshee cast

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