Golden Boy (CBS) – Series Premiere Trailer

golden boy cbs

Golden Boy is the newest crime-drama to join the CBS family. Because multiple versions of CSI & NCIS, a reboot of Hawaii 5-O, an Elementary re-imagination of Sherlock Holmes, a police procedural (& Southland wannabe) in Blue Bloods and gangster period tale in Vegas are not too much already. Yet, Golden Boy has high expectations and may be able to deliver. Why? Because you’ve got a creator, Nicholas Wootton, with credits for Law & Order and NYPD Blue. Golden Boy has a golden opportunity to be a character driven drama, with Theo James, on the same shelf as CBS’s hit The Good Wife.

“Golden Boy is a drama about the meteoric rise of an ambitious cop who becomes the youngest police commissioner in the history of New York City..” (IMDb)

CBS followed a trend which doesn’t seem to be proven yet; premiering the pilot online a week before the televised premiere. Additionally, they seem to be flopping around with the show. I’ve seen this before and the shows are quick to suffer and burn for a) not being taken care of and b) not being given a fair chance. Examples? Made in Jersey getting canned after two episodes but being set up for failure by having a regular spot on Fridays. CBS might think it’s giving the audience “more”  with Golden Boy but it’s really just confusing everyone. In addition to an online premiere preceding the televised premiere (Tuesday, February 26th 2013): episode 4 (Fri) will air the same week as episode 3 (Tues); episode 6 (Fri) will air the same week as episode 5 (Tues). Then there’s a 2 week hiatus. Death will probably occur around then.

Image source: CBS. All rights to respective owners.


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