Femme Feature: Jessica Lucas in Vancouver’s ‘Cult’

jessica lucas cloverfield prem

Jessica Lucas is a Vancouver sweet heart. She’s known for her being a series regular on Edgemont, a Canadian teen drama, and the reboot of Melrose Place (CW). There was also some guest appearing on The CW’s hit reboot of 90210. But she’s also transitioned into film, for example a lead role in J.J. Abrams’ box office success Cloverfield. But it hasn’t always been hunky-dory as her career has had it’s bumps and bruises from cancelled shows (2030 CE, Life As We Know It, Friends With Benefits); pilots that never took off (Secrets of a Small Town); and roles that simply got written out (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation). Now, the 27 year old actress, with two decades in the film and television industry, is back on The CW with a lead role in the new conspiracy & dark thriller series Cult. The ‘show within a show’, Cult, is filmed here in Vancouver.

jessica lucas fb 3

jessica lucas 2

Trivia: Jessica Lucas can also sing. She performed two tracks on Big Mamas: Like Father, Like Son. (IMDb)

Jessica Lucas Interview with The Hollywood Reporter on her “tenacious” character in ‘Cult‘ (THR)

The 20 Hottest Photos of Jessica Lucas (heavy.com)

Image source: Facebook/ Google Image Search
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