Cult (CW) – Series Premiere Trailer


Cult, is The CW‘s latest series and joins a mid-season onslaught of dark thriller series on network television. This new breed of mixed psychological, conspiracy and sometimes demonic thriller series includes the likes of The Following (FOX), Do No Harm (NBC) and Zero Hour (ABC). The Following is a relative success, Do No Harm was cancelled after 2 weeks and Zero Hour will probably share a similar fate. The bunch seem to be drawing on the likes of Dexter, Lost, American Horror Story and other random successes. The Following is both controversial and accompanied by mixed-reviews but seems to be holding it’s own as a hit for FOX. On the other hand, Do No Harm, was like an experiment gone wrong part 2 for NBC (re: Awake). Zero Hour is sure to be another huge flop (Last Resort, The River) of a big drama thriller for ABC which is still clearly ‘lost’ in the past (re: LOST). Will Cultthe show within a show type of show, represent the status quo or turn a different leaf? The bigger question: why is Cult paired with Hart of Dixie on Tuesday nights?


CW, Machinima team on ‘Cult’ aftershow (Variety)

cult cast

Cult stars Mathew Davis (The Vampire Diaries), Rober Knepper aka T-Bag (Prison Break, Heroes), Israeli-American singer and actress Alona Tal and Vancouver’s very own Jessica Lucas (Melrose Place, Edgemont). Other Canadians include Marie Avgeropoulos, Ben Hollingsworth and Stacey Farber. The sole reason I’ll personally be tuning into Cult is because it’s filmed here in Vancouver and has a cast largely made up of Vancouver and other Canadian actors. Plus the cast includes T-Bag! (IMDb)

Cult premieres Tuesday, February 19th on The CW (9pm east/8pm central)

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