Southland (TNT) – Season 5 Teaser


Southland is such a tease! Remember when NBC cancelled Southland? But that was only after they moved the season 2 time slot. And then they moved up the season 2 premiere date. And then they just cancelled it before airing season 2? And then TNT purchased the episodes? And then TNT renewed it for another season? And now we’re entering the fifth season of this gritty and procedural police drama.


To be a further tease, here is some promo and teaser clips of Southland (Season 5) airing on TNT on February 13th 2013. To add to the tease, Chad Michael Murray (‘One Tree Hill’) will join the cast this season.

“Southland takes a raw look at Los Angeles as it is in the 2000s and as well at the lives of the officers of the Los Angeles Police Department who are trying to contain it.” (IMDb)

Southland – Official Site (TNT)


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