Beauty and the Beast (CW) – Preview & Trailers

The CW has come along way since its inception in 2006. I think its finally stepped out of its predecessors’ shadows (UPN & The WB) and is finding its own glory. This means acquiring more content and having what seems like the right lineup. Supernatural and ANTM are officially the only two veterans left on the network as 2012 marked the end of mega hit One Tree Hill and letdowns in Ringer and The Secret Circle. The Fall 2012 lineup, on paper, looks promising for the newbies to greatly build off the oldies as we see returns for Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Nikita and Hart of Dixie. So the slots are open and the new shows are welcomed with great expectations. New to the screen are Beauty and the Beast, Arrow and Emily Ownes, M.D. — plus The Carrie Diaries and Cult in the midseason.


Beauty and the Beast features Vancouver native Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, Edgemont) and New Zealand actor Jay Ryan. Full cast here. It’s another free adaptation of the Disney tale, Beauty and the Beast (1991), and loosely based off another TV series (CBS) of the same name.

kristin kreuk and jay ryan beauty and the beast the cw

Beauty and the Beast (2012) – Extended Preview:

Beauty and the Beast (2012) – “Pilot” (Sneak Peak)

Beauty and the Beast (2012) – Official Site (The CW)

Also see: Arrow preview & trailers

Video / Photo credit: The CW


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