Copper (2012) — Series Premiere Trailer

Copper (Showcase)

Copper is a period drama and crime series set in New York City during the 1860’s, after the American Civil War. Its filmed in Toronto, Canada.

copper cast

No conducting of electricity here. Okay, no more science jokes. It doesn’t exactly fail as a show, but is definitely more bland than gripping. Even with all the subplots and things going on in the background, the drama lacks full-on tension and comes off as dulling. There is quite a lot going on once you step back and take a look. You have an Irish immigrant cop acting more like an outlaw detective in the middle of New York’s aristocracy, his own Irish community and the African American population in the neighbourhood. The recipe for a great story is there but onscreen its like a whole lot of nothing is going on.

Reviews: The Globe & Mail

aparoo says 3 copper pennies / 5 copper pennies

Image source: Showcase / Video source: YouTube


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