Fringe (FOX) — Season 5 Trailers & Farewell

fringe logo

Fringe’s 5th and final season premieres September 28th — 9PM EST on FOX

The good news is that Fringe is back. The bad news is that its fifth season will be its last. The other news is that it will only consist of 13-episodes compared to its previous full seasons (20+ episodes). The good in this is that sci-fi fans will get complete storytelling similar to how LOST decided (sometime during its 3rd season) that it would only be 6 seasons long; the latter 3 being shorter seasons. The bad in this is that sci-fi fans only get 13 episodes more of Fringe, EVER!!! If only there were some parallel universe..

Fringe accomplished a lot in its tenure and will go down as a sci-fi titan. It definitely helped further mainstream the niche genre, I mean my mom is hooked on the show so case & point right there. Its a shame FOX can say its losing money on the show when it wasted like what $20mil on the pilot of Terra Nova? FOX sucks.So that means sad news for us here in Vancouver where Fringe has been shot since Season 2; another loss to Hollywood North. Its always fun recognizing places or people on a big TV show, especially when you know them.

Farewell Fringe. I’ll find you again in this universe or the next.

Fringe [Season 5] — Teaser 1 “Etta”

Fringe [Season 5] — Teaser 2 “They Are Coming”

Fringe [Season 5] — Comic-Con Trailer


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