Revolution (NBC) – Series Premiere Trailer


Revolution (NBC) gives major resemblance to Lost (ABC) which is understandable since J.J. Abrams is a co-producer on this one. It also comes across as a hybrid of Jericho and Flash Forward which were also post-apocalyptic dramas, both of which didn’t survive (irony). Hopefully Iron Man‘s Jon Favreau directed a worthy pilot episode unlike the one Spielberg had a hand in producing for Terra Nova.

revolution nbc

Revolution has high expectations as many sci-fi fans are bleeding for the next big cult favourite and new mythology to explore. It hopes to spark a revolution in its end-of-the-world future with no electricity or public order, lets ‘hope’ it can. Revolution airs Mondays starting September 17th.


Extended Trailer:


aparoo says give this one a watch


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