Mob Doctor (FOX) – Series Premiere Trailer

Mob Doctor (FOX), a medical drama with a mob twist. It actually looks like more of a mob story than a medical one anyway, which I’m glad about. I’m not really one for medical dramas as I think TV is plagued with them alongside detective shows but… this one could be interesting. Its no Grey’s Anatomy (which I stopped following many seasons ago) or NY Med (which I got addicted to this summer; medical documentary-reality series). Did I just contradict myself? Yup.

mob-doctor fox

Mob Doctor may not join the elite retro gangster genre with returning members Boardwalk Empire and Magic City or newbie Vegas (also looking forward to) but it may give way for more cross genre stories. Speaking of gangster and cross genres, why did Playboy Club (NBC) get cancelled last year? It was just getting good with the mob story elements. Mob Doctor’s Jordana Spiro will have heavy boots to fill as it airs Monday September 17th; no more House on Mondays :(


Extended Preview:

Did I meantion William Forsythe aka the Butcher from Boardwalk Empire is in it? GANGSTER!


aparoo says give this one a watch


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