Made in Jersey (CBS) – Series Premiere Trailer

Made in Jersey (CBS) is being wedged into a Friday night lineup between CSI: NY and Blue Bloods respectively. I guess you have to start off somewhere but its always off-putting when a seemingly entertaining show gets shoved in a random slot. Nonetheless I have high hopes for this one as I think CBS can produce another great legal drama to complement The Good Wife which returns for its 4th season on Sundays this Fall.

made in jersey cbs

Made in Jersey stars Janet Montgomery who is best known for her recurring roles in Human Target and Entourage. Now you can watch her as lead actress in a show that “centers on a working-class woman who uses her street smarts to compete with her more polished colleagues at a top New York law firm.” (IMDb)


Extended Preview/ Behind the Scenes:

Kind of resembles Fairly Legal.

aparoo says give this one a watch


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