666 Park Avenue (ABC) – Series Premiere Trailer

666 Park Avenue (ABC). I like this description: “Combine the eeriness of Lost with the ruthlessness of Desperate Housewives and you get this adaptation of Gabrielle Pierce’s book series” (TV Guide).


ABC has put together a star-studded and diverse cast for this big supernatural and horror drama. You’ve got Terry O’Quinn from LOST, enough said right? But add the bombshell Rachael Taylor from ABC’s failed Charlie’s Angels (2011) remake, Vanessa Williams from Desperate Housewives and some dudes from Brothers & Sisters and One Tree Hill. I’m glad it appears that Terry has found the next right role for him as his random guest spots on Hawaii 5-O‘s second season were disappointing and 2 guest spots on Falling Skies were nice but not that great.

666 Park Avenue (ABC)

“The series follows a couple who learns that the Manhattan building complex that they just moved into, including its upscale tenants, might be possessed by a mysterious demonic force.” (Wiki). It looks like FX’s American Horror Story will have some major competition in the genre of creepiness. 666 airs September 30th at 10pm EST following Revenge which returns for it’s second season. Its already been picked up for a full season. Sundays this Fall are going to be deadly good.


aparoo says give this one a watch


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