Movie Review: Running Turtle (2009) – Korean Movie

Running Turtle

Running Turtle is a detective comedy in the form of a good old fashion cat and mouse chase with hilarious encounters. Its about a small time detective from a small town who has nothing going for him, both at work and at home with the wife. Through unlucky circumstances and by the power of the Gods of Irony he finds himself pursuing an infamous prison breaker. This leads him down a (funny) spiral of further ridicule as the chase with the fugitive goes on.

The movie does come across off as less of a crime and policing story and more of a drama and comedy (dramedy). Its really about a seeming worthless man (with diminishing self-worth and esteem) and his battle in trying to change that. The chase, which he never quits on, is definitely parallel of him not quitting on himself. Running Turtle is the perfect title.

running turtle 1

Starring: Kim Yoon-seok // Jeong Kyeong-ho // Kyeon Miri

Directed by: Lee Yeon-woo

Full plot


aparoo’s words: crime, drama, comedy, detective, police, fugitive, family, reputation, honor, self-respect, esteem, confidence

aparoo says 3/5

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