Movie Review: The Beast (2011) – Korean Movie

the beast poster

The Beast‘ is an action thriller and director Hwang Yu-Sik‘s debut film and co-screenplay. Its also actor Jung Suk-Won‘s debut film (he’s appeared in numerous Korean drama series). He comes from an action school background (stuntman) which enabled the constrained (low-budget) film to be shot in one month. It was also shot at night in dark places. So, the production value is absent but that’s not to say a small film like this can’t be entertaining. But.. it really isn’t. In-the-box action choreography with a weak and predictable plot are overbearing. So, instead it comes across as a very cheap rip-off of “The Man From Nowhere” and “Taken” which the director admits were an influence (AsianWiki):

  • Moderator – Before “The Beast” there were similar films like “The Man From Nowhere” and “Taken.” Did those movies influence “The Beast?”
  • Hwang Yu-Sik (director) – I won’t deny those movies had some influence, because when I planned the “Beast” those films were popular.

It’s about some elite special forces guy who goes AWOL to find and rescue his kidnapped sister who has is a victim of human trafficking into the underground market of online rape/porn. Full synopsis

the beast 1

aparoo says 2/5

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