Regretful (Poem)


Skeletons hang from hangers
In some sort of insane order
Dangling delicately downward
Facing their own directions

In a closet home to them all
Where boxes flood the floor
Full of past forgotten memory
Sealed without air holes

As a top shelf weighs heavily
Stacks higher to the ceiling
With culminating misfits
As permanent room to hoard

Untouched and forever unseen
Because the bulb is fused
So the light remains off
When the switch is on

But the door stays open
Unable to close shut
The closet stretches out
Into the main room

A stench bothers to linger
While the closet remains

Copyright © amarmirch |


2 responses to “Regretful (Poem)

  1. Love the imagery in this, and the way the imagery rings true for both the sentiment of regret and past-secrets, as well as literally having skeletons in the closet.

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