Tokyo (Poem)


My own home holds no comfort
Goods look like foreign objects
Painted walls appear abstracted
Seated here feels forcefully forged

The breeze outside is not a friend
It taunts me by whispering laughs
Streets take me nowhere good
They turn lost from direction

Days fall short and nights run long
Sunshine cannot find those hidden
Dusk attracts a misplaced soul
Tired eyes fail to see living lies

Each full plate tastes unsalted
Lack of fulfillment stacks high
Water bloats moving forward
More than food is getting wasted

Tight chains drag desires down
Life may be hung out by a noose
Quick escape without a map
True destinations will be found

I belong where I am free
Take me back to Tokyo

Copyright © amarmirch |


2 responses to “Tokyo (Poem)

  1. like a drawer full of gloves, neatly paired and folded together, one ‘out’ and the other ‘inside-out’; a very nice find

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