Outlook (Poem)


Genuine talk falls on deaf ears
Words jumble indiscriminately
Voice becomes silent whispers
Sad weeps cry from deep inside

Feverish spikes of inner hostility
Bitterness rots the core by strife
Pollution spreads like a disease
Rabid dogs run wild and mad

Paradise conceives from drugs
Judgement clouds and vision blurs
Delusion creates a mirage of sight
Blind men roam through the desert

Dragon tattoos come to life
Skin itches from wacky voodoo
Inner beasts rise to the surface
Shivers shock consciousness

Even sorrow runs to stand still
As keen spawns swim upstream
As doors freely swing wide open
Towards upside down waterfalls

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com


2 responses to “Outlook (Poem)

  1. The words you use here are very apt – a person’s outlook can torture them, or as you put it ‘Feverish spikes of inner hostility’.

    • I guess we have taken the words out from each others’ mouths. That’s the power of thoughts -> words. Thanks for reading & commenting~

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