Shadows (Poem)

Chasing a shadow around
Like a dog and its tail
In circles we all go
Forgetting where we began
With no destination in sight
Lost between the roads
Or far out at sea
Like a sudden traveller
With a heavy backpack
Full of regret
Packed with doubt
To weigh down expectation
A slave to the shackles
The negative binding
The current hindrance
To a solemn future
Without any sunrise
And the opposite of wise
Without any knowledge
Because the ignored past
The answers were there
Right from the false start
The game was not rigged
No players were cheaters
The race was backwards
Direction was distorted
Shadows are not for chasing
They should follow you
Around in circles

Copyright © amarmirch |


One response to “Shadows (Poem)


    I see You in sunrise
    rising from the past
    the promised land
    of poetry and nature
    blossoming like a beautiful garden
    I can’t live
    without You

    Anna Banasiak

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