Calm in Thunder (Poem)

Into an unsettling night
Gloom from soul to skies
Forecast calls for cloudy obstruction
Quietness of dark spreads
Black deepness is dense and vast
Looking up is a daze

Coldness blankets surface and flesh
Trees stand and faintly whistle
Warning gusts before the storm
Debris clings to the air
True force washes away stillness
Vision goes from black to white

Downpour drenches all exposed
Rattle the loose, both big and small
Right leans to left and back again
Streets empty into cover
Doors shut the chaos out
A body sways through it

Noise is constant with melody
Distracting to some, comforting to one
Change in weather proves life
Focus escapes a different storm
Safe haven is towards the eye
I am calm in thunder

Copyright © amarmirch |


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