ABCD (Poem)

Another bruise crept down. Brute beasts awoke at dawn. Caressing breeze blew around. Damned dogs came attacking. Amazed days brought a daze. Bewildered bears bore a den. Canned anchovies dried dead. Doors deemed by doorbells and doormats. Anchors bared ample duty. Brazen actions accounted daring decisions. Crazy behaviour avoided apparent command. Declaration duped by bogus assertion. Absorbed attention detained appreciation. Borrowed books ceased claim. Central authority affirmed a deed. Drunken ambition aimed carelessly. Attested difference alienated a boy. Before crowd came a common comfort. Circumstantial belief burrowed between actualization. Drought deemed deathly crops. Archaic customs drained bald. Bold armies armed at arm. Created arts blanketed drapes. Dehydrated constants distilled concentration. Attempted bullets discharged decisive choices. Broken antiques concluded amounting. Checked boxes assigned a cost. Desired conditions deteriorated character. Accredited were awarded an absolute certificate. Bended brooms brushed dirty course. Clutter cleared away calmly. Discarded dreams drained aspirations. Abandoned attics behold dust. Botched breath baked a cigar. Craved dessert crawls a deeper distance. Darkened bribes delivered convincing consideration.
And Bitchy Cats Drown.

Copyright © amarmirch |


5 responses to “ABCD (Poem)

  1. wow.. that’s what I call creativity..
    would you mind if I used your idea to create my own ABCD?
    Or perhaps four other adjacent letters?

    and, follow back? :)

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