Naked Sheep (Poem)

Soaked in the bloody downpour of self-loss
Carrying around bacteria unmatched by floss
Shoulders, damp and heavy, like meat sauce
Wake and bake, in the sun, pity burns deep
Running away naked like skinned sheep
Wounded find time to weep before sleep

Waged wars without military to command
March with signs and unreasonable demands
Nature puts a big dent in all things planned
Hovering over water, careful not to drown
Ego evolves in the name of the crown
Some dogs were meant to be put down

Comfort robbed from heels too high to wear
New heights so high, an undeniable scare
Games fundamentally designed to be unfair
Hives of words buzzing loud in each ear
Each moment adds to a perplexing fear
Not all dishes come out crystal clear

Captured by seductive scents of life and lust
Unaware to the errors of misplaced trust
Time leaves behind no chance to adjust
Wreckage from a fierce storm washes ashore
Signs of trouble are too easy to ignore
Struck hard, everlasting with pain to bore

Copyright © amarmirch |


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