Femme Feature: Felisia McGinn — Up Close & Personal

felisia mcginn 4 photo by the third sequence

Felisia McGinn aka Pure models out of Vancouver as a Korean/ Scottish delight. With a growing portfolio of glamour photos and exposure into import modeling, Felisia is proving to be a dynamic young model. She is also venturing out into acting and hosting while being a constant pursuant of makeup artistry. Could she be the next Dannie Riel, Steph Ly or Jennifer Nguyen to emerge from Canada? You decide. Scroll down for an in-depth Q&A interview with Felisia exclusively for aparoo.

Model Mayhem

felisia mcginn 5 photo by the third sequence

felisia mcginn 6 photo by the third sequence felisia mcginn 8 photo by the third sequence felisia mcginn 7 photo by the third sequence felisia mcginn 9 photo by the third sequence

Q&A with Felisia:

What kind of modeling do you do?

  • GLAMOUR. I’ve done some import modeling and a hand full of glamour photo shoots. Recently I’ve worked with The Third Sequence and he’s by far my favorite photographer to work with. We just have great chemistry, I feel really comfortable with him. Last year I was at REVscene Summer Meet 2011 and I’ll be there again this March.

What got you into modeling in the first place?

  • I really wanted to be a fashion model, like high fashion runway modeling, but I got turned down 3 times from Vancouver’s top agencies because they said I wasn’t tall enough. So I just started shooting with some creatives and voila. I just strayed towards import and glamour because they’re more diverse & I love it.

Did/ do you have any other ambitions you would have pursued if not modeling?

  • Originally I really wanted to be a heart surgeon (no joke). But, honestly my true passion is makeup artistry, I’ve always been really good at it. Numerous people ask me to do their make up all the time so I’ve decided to pursue it. Modeling is something I love doing but its definitely not the only thing I’ll be doing.

What are your plans for the near future?

  • I want to have my own onsite makeup artistry company. I want to make the world beautiful. I know its nothing huge, but it means the world to me.

Modeling and acting are often careers that intertwine — do you have any acting aspirations?

  • Not at first but I’m definitely open to it now. I recently just got signed to Traz Girls, and their main focus is television and film so we’ll see what comes from it. (=

How would you describe your overall goals in life?

  • Success, and nothing but success. I have nothing but ambition and passion. Whether it be in modeling or acting, and I will definitely suceed as a Makeup Artist.

It’s a little known fact that Lisa Kim Fleming is one of your early inspirations — what about her or her career inspired you?

  • She’s half Korean / half Caucasian and super beautiful. Seeing her modeling made me want to be just as great as she is. I love her, and shes super down to earth. I’d like to shoot with her one day, I did have the chance to but I was only 17 and I was dating a controlling guy at the time… So I never got to. wahh ),=

Do you do anything in particular to stay lean and fit?

  • Honestly no, I’m not into staying fit at the moment.. I’m just naturally thin, I should start toning myself but whatever. I love to eat and lounge, that’s what I do. It might be because I used to be a fat girl when I was younger, I still got fat girl tendencies.

How many tattoos do you have and what do they mean to you?

  • I have 6 Tattoos. My whole back (not finished) is just something I’ve wanted to do since i was a little girl, weird right? I saw a beautiful picture of a geisha and I knew that was what I wanted. After i finish my back I’ll probably start on my half sleeve. The top of my thigh says “to thine ownself be true” from Hamlet obvi, it means “be true to yourself”. When I read that in class it really meant a lot to me.. because I feel that no one’s really true to themselves any more, too many people are worried about what others think and get lost in this persona they’ve created of themselves. It’s a damn shame. The 3 cherry blossoms on my pelvic region stands for the 3 most important people in my life: my mom, Grandma & Grandpa. My middle finger says: “Love” haha, I got it when I was all heart broken, don’t ask. The back of my neck says “felisia” in Korean, the way my grandma spells it at least (Pur Re Sha) that’s where “Pure” came from. Last but not least, the tattoo that I regret getting with all my heart. I hate it, its stupid and I want it gone.

What piece of advice would you give to young and aspiring models?

  • Honestly if you’re just starting and you don’t know what to do or where to start, just find a photographer, shoot, then make a Model Mayhem profile and just start contacting the photographers you want to work with…Usually they’ll contact you. Feel sexy in your own skin, be comfortable fierce and glamorous! Don’t let any one tell you who you are. ALSO, don’t ever let people talking sh*t get to you, just keep on moving and show the haters how great and beautiful you are.

What’s the scoop on the event you’re MC-ing next month at BLVD22 in Vancouver?

  • Oh my god, its so random isn’t it? Well, basically its exposure for myself… and pure support for my homies that are performing that night (special performances by SRY ENT, Sherm Jones, WEEZ & blitz) Come out, and party. That’s all i have to say! & make sure to come out to the next REVscene Meet in March. Muah♥

Fun facts:

  • Favourite food: BBQ chicken pizza, anything BBQ with ranch.
  • Favourite music: no specific genre, I will listen to anything from myon & shane54 , odd future & queens of the stoneage but never country music (sorry!)
  • Favourite movies: Wedding Singer, Jennifers Body.. and i can’t really think of any right now but anything scary.. but it has to be a solid scary movie.
  • Favourite TV shows: Family Guy, The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, American Dad, American Horror Story , Bad Girls Club (LOL), Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl & Hart of Dixi, Sons of Anarchy

Photo series by Dallas B
Photo series by Edward Yee Photography

More Felisia photos:

felisia mcginn - 1 - photo by the third sequence

felisia mcginn 3 photo e-ng makeup thuy nguyen

felisia mcginn 12 - photo by the third sequence

aparoo says PURE hotness!

photo credit: The Third Sequence, E-NG
article copyright: amarmirch | aparoo.wordpress.com


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