Reaper (Poem)

The weeping reaper
the reaping weeper
the lonely widow
the open window

Weight by rocks
racks of wood
racks on racks
the rocking weight

Wrestling ropes
wrongful righteousness
rightful and willful
wrapping ropes

Room wrecked
wrecked room
Rec room
room and board

Rattling loose pipes
rattle snakes slither
babies play with rattles
snakes play with babies

Withered wrenches
dying willows
witness resurrection
witness correction

Corridors whisper loudly
wipers wipe windshields
warnings of wind
wind warns of wrath

Roots are uprooted
wise are weary
round and wide
wideness is wild

Wilderness rages through
no rest for the raging
nests of rubble
pebbles down a well

Wishing well
well for wishing
wish upon a star
wishful thinking

Retreating woes
retrospective goggles
wrangled regrets
whole roasts

Reclined wheelchairs
chairs on wheels
railing wonders
sailing plunders

Radical maneuver
man over board
bored mindless
mindlessly bored

Rooftop romance
waiting for lust
hopelessly romantic
romantically hopeless

Operations ready
push or pull
pour some more
rain is pouring

Gravy river flow
waters rise rapid
shores surpass toes
weather retaliation

Recycled waste
waste recycles
wasted away
the reaper weeps

Copyright © amarmirch |


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