Movie Review: Sex is Zero (2002) – Korean Movie

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Sex is Zero is the “outrageous sex-comedy” equivalent of American Pie. Actually this one is also largely a romance-comedy with a little Korean dramatic flare. The sexual humor, and humor of the movie in general, is funny and entertaining (and sometimes “too much” to watch, lol). This movie has a sequel to go along with it, Sex is Zero 2 (2007), which is one big difference from its counterpart American Pie (the huge franchise).

“The plot follows the story of college student Eun-shik and his efforts to impress a Junior student Eun-hyo. Eun-shik has a habit of finding himself in somewhat awkward situations that often embarrass him and sabotage his attempts to impress Eun-hyo.” (Wiki)

Alternate trailer 1 (English subs)
Alternate trailer 2 (Korean)

sex is zero screen

Its rated 18+ for a reason, its pretty explicit in language and subject matter; scenes of sex, masturbation, pregnancy, courtship etc — so you’ve been advised as a viewer. And really, its not “all about” sex. Typical of Korean cinema, there is “much more” to the story and movie, it just so happens to be told as a comedy — and is one hell of a funny one at that. The dramatic flare that I mentioned is a prevailing undertone to the story and does pull on emotions as it plays with some serious “stuff”. No spoilers here folks.

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Reviews (spoilers): Shuqi // Monsters at Play // Asian Movie Web // Asian Film Reviews
Starring: Lim Chang Jung // Ha Ji-Won // Jung Min // Jin Jae-Yeong
Directed/ written by: Yun Je-Gyun

aparoo’s words: sex, comedy, romance, drama, funny & serious, immature, young adults

aparoo says 5/5

Sex is Zero download: Asia Torrents
Sex is Zero stream: Youtube (missing parts) //

Sex is Zero 2 (sequel) download: Asia Torrents
Sex is Zero 2 (sequel) stream: Veoh (no sub) // Youtube (no sub) // YouTube (Eng sub)

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