Last Words (Poem)

A few wrong words speak out
Out of frustration and overwhelming pressure
Pressure built up in the cooker and the whistle blew
Blew hot steam into the calm surroundings

Surroundings turned from light to night
Night fell dark and heavy
Heavy chest went faint
Faint life retreated in steps

Steps back led away from a future
Future was consumed by the past
Past words were cemented into the ground
Ground shakes to haunt a path

Path paved uneven by hands
Hands responsible for reaching this point
Point eyes down as doubt drops
Drops from the aftermath of conflict

Conflict between mind and words raged on
On an unforeseen day, now long gone
Gone from today but not from thought
Thought which was absent from a few last words

Copyright © amarmirch |

Entry to “The Poetry Challenge” – Week 2 – Last Words by ClownPonders


One response to “Last Words (Poem)

  1. Kinda regret not spitting my poems now, Ohh well Fuck it…I will just keep them to myself for now

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