Going Down (Poem)

Heart in a box and sleeves rolled up
Downwards on an apathetic elevator
Numbers descend and floors pass by
Hurrying by standing completely still
Eyes wide open catch flickering lights
Thinned air pretends to be generous

Slight retraction to embrace a landing
Unfelt thud, unphysical but still real
Doors slide open to a new beginning
Steps out, and into an untold story
Overnight unpacked for by intention
Return-trip plans left out of itinerary

Steady beats through endless corridors
Unseen art plasters the walls, all sides
Cement beneath feet, with sand atop
Temperatures rise and fall automatically
The most quiet and peaceful walking
Tinted windows seclude a serene scene

Destination itself approaches nearer
Proximity to the closeness is paradox
Hidden relationship, finally revealing
Heaven and hell co-exist at some point
Finally, face-to-face with opposition
Staring into a mirror, infinitely brief

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com


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