Movie Review: Pain (2011) – Korean Movie

Pain poster

Pain was painful to watch at times, in a good way. This probably had something to do with veteran and heartthrob actor Kwon Sang-woo, who pulled off another great performance as a face of melodramatic and thematic Korean storytelling. His character’s (Nam-Soon)  condition included the insensibility towards pain and being constantly beaten to a pulp. If anyone can elicit the audiences emotions while not being able to portray any on-screen its Kwon. He is often noted for his emotional depth whether its playing in a sob fest or gangster brawl.

kwon sang woo in pain

On the other hand, Jung Ryeo-won‘s character (Dong-Hyun) is a  hemophiliac and her life consequently depends on avoiding pain. So come the undertone themes of life and death. The sub-plots of Nam-Soon as underworld debt collector / hired “gun” and Dong-Hyun’s living and medical conditions are pleasantly apparent along the way and don’t bloat the story one bit — as they do in most melodramas. Instead, everything comes together fluently for an overall well balanced drama-romance.


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I thought their chemistry was appealing, and they left formidable impressions individually and together. This couldn’t be said without a great story and script to play to; Pain is actually based on a web-comic. Another mentionable element of the film is the camera-work because a few out-of-the-box uses added to the experience on-screen. Additionally, the still-shots were edited perfectly especially ones where you could really “feel” Nam-Soon’s emotional “pain”. It was a film that captured my attention and had me making connections throughout.

pain 3

Directed by: Kwak Kyung-Taek

Reviews: Naonoomi

About the film

aparoo’s words: drama, romance, melodrama, illness, health, life, death, sorrow

aparoo says 5/5


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