Movie Review: Countdown (2011) – Korean Movie

countdown 2

Countdown had me counting down until it was finally over. Luckily, the last stages of the movie somehow came together nicely despite the prior snooze fest. This movie started off as a mix of things and then turned into a 100% melodrama. Random action turns meant a lengthy car chase and a couple typical gangster stand-offs and altercations. I was also counting all the different plot lines, and there was simply too many: too many past happenings, current plots, deflated revelations and interconnections.


In short, the movie is about a “bad ass” debt collector who gets terminal liver cancer and needs a transplant — plus he carries around the baggage / lost memory of his son’s death from years ago. His unplanned plan is to get a liver from one of the recipients of his son’s organs. She has her own issues, baggage and vendettas all festered up that act out as she comes out of prison. See, so many things going on and that’s not even half of it. There’s one pointless scene with his parents, her evil business tycoon boss, a gang she ripped off and so on. I guess its about saving each other, and saving themselves (metaphorically and literally).

countdown 4

The first half of the movie spent way too much time trying to develop the characters and set up latter events. Jeon Do-Youn‘s character seemed full of herself throughout, instead of just promiscuous and cunning as the portrayal intended. Jung Jae-Young‘s character seemed like a zombie instead of a cold-hearted and destroyed man. The second half of the movie, once it started to unfold, was a complete change in pace and tone. By the end, substance finally came into context and appeared to narrate itself through flash-backs and climactic / emotional (finally some compelling emotion) scenes.

countdown 3

Directed / Written by: Huh Jong-Ho

Reviews: Modern Korean Cinema

aparoo’s words: action, drama, melodrama, personal journey, revelation, redemption

aparoo says 3/5

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