Movie Review: Kiss Me, Kill Me (2009) – Korean Movie

kiss me kill me poster

Kiss Me, Kill Me is the ideal romantic comedy. Great cast, simple story, tons of laughs, moderate romantics and maybe even a few cries. You can definitely put this movie on your short-list for “complete” rom-coms. Its about an assassin who falls in love with his target — typically the plot line for any action/dramatic assassin genre movie, but here we have a cute romantic comedy.


“A perfect killer makes his first mistake… falling in love with his target” (tagline)

kiss me kill me 2

I mentioned there might even be a few cries, why? Well, its a bit of a melodrama as well because it deals with sadness, depression and suicide in a light-hearted way. The target actually wants the assassin to kill her / help her commit suicide. This sets off an unorthodox relationship (bond) and connection between the two. Entertaining as heck.

kiss me kill me

So, as comical as the premise and interactions between the two, the movie is also largely about the affect from others on your life. As a whole the film is engaging and entertaining with a well-balanced blend of romance, comedy, melodrama, action and tear-jerking. No, I would not consider it typical because it is quite layered and compelling.

Directed / Written by: Jong-hyeon Yang

Starring: Kang Hye-Jung // Shin Hyeon-Jun

Reviews: Dramacrazy // new korean cinema // Beyond Hollywood //

aparoo’s words: romantic comedy, romance, comedy, melodrama, assassin

aparoo says 5/5

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