Movie Review: Insadong Scandal (2009) – Korean Movie

insadong scandal

Insadong Scandal is a fun heist movie set in the modern world of art (history, restoration, collecting). There’s plenty of twists and turns making it a swift-paced but depthless action-crime-thriller. Likewise, the thrills are short-lived and bunched together by way of double-crossing, alterior motives and outsmarting wit.


insadong scandal 1

Somehow you get an entertaining clash of power and brains between a cold-hearted mogul  and her savvy hired art restoration expert. Uhm Jung-Hwa‘s (“He Who Can’t Marry“) character is mix of animated and comic-book villain. Kim Rae-Won (“Sunflower“) plays the cool and smart guy. One dimensional characters and quick action or thrill scenes seem to be a common formula.

insadong scandal 2

Insadong Scandal is very much a glorified heist-thriller with its main setting (fine arts world) commercialized for the masses. Overall, it does grab your attention and keep it because you want to know who the ultimate victor will be. So, on that note, it is successful.

Directed by: Park Hee-Kon // Full cast

Reviews: Love HK Film // Variety // Asian Movie Web

aparoo’s words: action, thriller, crime, drama, fine art, heist, power, wealth, trust

aparoo says 3/5

Stream: Dramacrazy

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