Movie Review: Exiled (2006) – Hong Kong Movie

Exiled 1

Exiled is the hybrid movie that comes from the Gangster and Western genres and an instant cult favourite. I found it to be an entertaining action-thriller by way of gangland adventure and abundant gun fights. By the end I felt it was meant to be  one big Chinese proverb, about friendship and integrity (I guess).


“A friendship is formed between an ex-gangster, and two groups of hitmen – those who want to protect him and those who were sent to kill him.” (IMDb)

Similar to Cowboys & Aliens, in that both films are ambitious blends of genre, Exiled is met with mixed reviews. Its my big assumption that the average viewer may find it a worthwhile action-thriller with a triad-meets-wild-west plot. On the other hand, the Gangster / Western fan bases may be split when it comes to enjoying the intertwined elements of the genres. For whatever its worth, I’m a fanboy that thoroughly enjoyed both Cowboys & Aliens and the subject at hand, Exiled.

Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes // Cinemascope // Truer Than Truth // Love HK Film

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Not only is the movie’s “type” (Gangster/Western) a big factor to consider in it as a whole, but the director and cast are equally as substantial. Acclaimed directors carry a lot of baggage and expectations. Star-studded casts gain just as much attention. Exiled, with all these surrounding forces and stigmas makes well, exceeds and falls shorts on various things. Genre blend? Success. Cinematic direction? Success. Star-studded cast? Entertaining to see, but fell flat. Script and dialogue? Almost non-existent, perhaps meant to be more meaningful than content-full. Overall? Lets call it a hybrid of both extremes: an HK cinematic masterpiece / an over-the-top blockbuster.

Directed by: Johnny To

Cast: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang  // Francis Ng // Simon Yam  // Nick Cheung // Richie Ren // Roy Cheung // Josie Ho // Suet Lam

aparoo’s words: triad story with an old western feel

aparoo says 5/5

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Exiled 2


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