Movie Review: Five Senses of Eros [Ogamdo] (2009) – Korean Movie

Ogamdo poster with a model (not one of the actresses)

Ogamdo is like a romance/ melodrama  anthology as it is composed of five very different but (slightly) interconnected love stories, each by a different director. Each segment held its own weight in the film’s entirety and I’m not sure if one left a bigger impression than the other. As a whole, the compilation succeeded in depicting Eros which “refers to ‘intimate love’ or romantic love”.

ogamdo poster 3 (cast)

This creative style of telling assorted stories on-screen was a refreshing change from the common “1 movie with a bunch of intertwining relationship stories” (Valentines Day, New Year’s Eve).   Basically, Ogamdo is like watching 5 short-films. Each director also wrote their own segment.  As you can probably tell from 2/3 of the movie posters, the cast is star-studded. I definitely appreciated the dynamic range that was the film as a whole. However different or seemingly mismatched (cast, directors, segment genres), the Eros theme and connection was the clear undertone.

“Five assorted tales of love in modern Korea.” (IMDb)

ogamdo poster 2 (cast)

“His Concern” – Directed by Byeon Hyeok

  • A man is attracted by the women sitting across from him on a train ride to Busan. He then gets off the train after her, even though its not his stop. He is then able to get her phone number. A few days later the man plans to meet the woman for the second time.

“I’m Here” (literal title of “나, 여기 있어요” / “Na Yeogi Isseoyo”) – Directed by Heo Jin-Ho

  • Hye-rim Ahn (planyed by Cha Soo-Yeon) awaits for her husband, while hiding, to give him a surprise. Hyeon-woo Kang (played by Kim Kang-Woo) always worries about his wife being left alone. Hye-rim worries about Hyeon-woo because he will be left alone soon.

“33rd Man” (literal title of “33번째 남자” / “33beon Namja”) – Directed by Yu Yeong-Sik

  • On the set of a movie, fresh new actress Mi-jin Kim (played by Gyu-ri Kim) and her charismatic senior actress Hwa-ran Park (played by Bae Chong-Ok) are having difficulties because of their stubborn & demanding director Jan-woon Bong (played by Kim Su-Ro). In the end, the senior actress Hwa-ran transforms Mi-jin into a sexy vixen to seduce the director.

In My End is My Beginning (literal title of “끝과 시작” / “Kkotgwa Sijak”) – Directed by Min Kyu-Dong

  • Jeong-ha Lee (played by Uhm Jung-Hwa) learns that her husband Jae-in Min (Hwang Jung-Min) has just died in a car accident while on a road trip. She then discovers that her husband was having an affair with her old high school friend Na-ru Kang (played by Kim Hyo-Jin). After the car accident Na-ru comes to Jeong-ha and asks to live with her under the promise of her unconditional devotion.

“Believe in the Moment” (literal title of “순간을 믿어요” / “Sunganeul Mideoyo”) – Directed by Oh Ki-Hwan

  • Three couples are all high school students & close friends. None of the couples have strong convictions about their relationship. They then decide to exchange partners for 24 hours.

(Source: AsianMediaWiki)

More detailed synopsis of each segment

Reviews: Variety // Twitch // Rebzombie

aparoo’s words: Eros, erotic, love, sex, romance, lust

aparoo says 4/5 (as a whole)


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