Movie Review: Man of Vendetta (2010) – Korean Movie

man of vendetta poster

Man of Vendetta is your average kidnapping-revenge-crime-thriller. The story is fairly predictable and has too many plot holes (read: weak plot). I found this evident from a) kidnapping/revenge genre cliches and b) and an overzealous music score (the random Psycho violin or redundant opera/ballad music that failed to elicit my emotion). I did however appreciate that the film ties some religion, faith and personal growth into the main character. This protagonist is the definition of dynamic transformation.

man of vendetta 1

More on the weak plot: the kidnapper had a lot of screen-time, which I felt they used to force the idea that he was a sociopath. I didn’t buy it, nor understand any point behind his crimes. On top of that, the crime parts of the the story just seemed overly indulged. On the other hand the main character’s revenge or ‘vendetta’ was convincing and appreciated. So, I would much rather have seen more of the ex-pastor’s “journey” and adversity than the animated-villain in the kidnapper.


A technically effective but mechanical thriller about an ex-pastor and the sociopath who kidnapped his daughter. Genre festivals, plus niche ancillary.” (

man of vendetta 2

The red balloon and train scenes reminded me of Accidental Kidnapper, a Japanese kidnapper film of a different tone (comedy). Although they weren’t identical, they had some similarities and I wonder if either film ripped the other off. Both films are from 2010. Despite my knit-picking, it was an entertaining thriller — maybe just not as thrilling as anticipated. Similarly, its had good reviews and many viewers consider it a powerful film.

Starring: Kim Myung-Min // Uhm Ki-Joon // Kim So-Hyun // Park Joo-Mee // Lee Byung-Joon

Directed/ written by: Woo Min-Ho

Reviews: Japan Cinema // Asian Movie Web

aparoo’s words: kidnapping, crime, sociopath, thriller, revenge, vendetta, faith

aparoo says 3/5

Stream: Dramacrazy // 1channel

Download: Asia Torrents


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