Movie Review: Blue Salt (2011) – Korean Movie

blue salt aka hindsight poster

Blue Salt is a melodramatic-assassin-lover-thriller film. I enjoyed the pace of the movie but not all the underworld sub-plots, they didn’t seem to all get tied up by the end — at least not to my satisfaction. I also enjoyed the chemistry (however unorthodox it may appear) between the two main characters; age difference and assassin-turned-lover angle.

This was a highly anticipated film with some mixed reviews. It was director Lee Hyun-Seung‘s first film in 10 years (Il Mare — 2000), who in my eyes delivered another poetic piece of cinema.  It starred one of Korea’s top actors, Song Kang-Ho (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance), who overshadows any of the film’s downfalls with another great performance. Overall I found it to be an entertaining gangster melodrama with fun action scenes.


“The film is about a hitwoman who has struggled feelings for an underworld boss, who is her target. The film has issue of age difference and the Korean underworld, specifically gangs..” (Wikipedia)

hindsight 2

Some of the negative comments about the film I’ve come across mostly have to do with the casting. I sort of agree that the supporting cast was either over-the-top or overly-acted and fell flat on-screen, Yoon Yeo-Jung (The Housemaid) to name one — comic book villain. On the other hand, some felt the age difference between Song and female lead Shin Se-Kyung (or her one-dimensional acting) hurt the film. I believe the age difference is actually an intrinsic feature of the story and one of many plot layers (retired gangster, assassin/ lover, age difference). As for her acting, I thought it was fitting to the tone of the film and of her character.

The film’s international title is Hindsight.

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aparoo’s words: underworld, gangs, fighting, power, politics, crime, thriller, mystery, affection

aparoo says 4/5

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PS. another film, of a different tone, that deals with age indifferent love is Fair Love


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