Movie Review: Fair Love (2009) – Korean Movie

fair love poster

Fair Love is one of those ‘love has no boundaries’ types of movies. It falls closer to a lighthearted drama-romance than serious. With its light tone, it manages to capture the human connection and interaction elements of a relationship instead of just being a romantic love fest. You could probably say its more about ‘the idea of love’ rather than ‘being in love’.

Full synopsis (spoiler)

fair love poster 2

In depicting that ‘love’ is indifferent to things like age (as you can guess from the movie posters), I think its a great movie for all ages. It also has thematic bits of personal journey and growth. As a whole, I enjoyed it from start to finish because of the progression of the character’s friendship/relationship — and themselves individually. This must be due to two things that go hand-in-hand: great acting / great characters — together that translates to a great story and chemistry on-screen.

“A middle aged man and a young college student fall into an unstoppable…” (IMDb)

^ This trailer does the movie no justice. It makes it look like a minor-comedy, which it really isn’t. There are some small comedic elements, mostly comic relief from minor/side characters. And as a drama-romance, the movie isn’t too much of either. The weight of the movie truly is in depicting a (fair) love. The music video below sets the tone of the movie better.

fair love

Directed by Shin Yeon-Sik

Cast: Ahn Sung-Kee // Lee Ha-Na

Reviews: Beyond Hollywood // Variety

aparoo’s words: drama, romance, love, relationship, friendship, connection

aparoo says: a fair rating of 5/5

Another great ‘love-is-ageless’ K-movie is Hello, Schoolgirl which is more of a comedy


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